Monday, March 14, 2011

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back.

Jed went to San Francisco.
Trevor bought a castle in the highlands of Scotland.
Wayne purchased a ticket to Argentina.
Meg rehabilitated and re-released a feral boar back to the wilds of its homeland.
Andy got punched in the face (and a mild black eye!) during an amateur boxing match (not joking).

EP's in the can. New tunes are on the docket. We're feeling especially good-looking. Want some proof?

Join us and celebrate the honorable Saint Patrick at Velour Live Music Gallery this Thursday, March 17th, at 8 PM.

Promise you'll like it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

4 tracks. 14 minutes. 1 concept.

"Hey, long time no see.  How've you been?  Good good.  Ah, yeah, design jobs, cool.  I know, well, the market's really tough right now.  Me?  Yeah, good, you know, same old same old.  Oh, my band just finished recording an EP."

This is an actual conversation I can have now.  And do, pretty regularly.

Of course the story is more intricate than that-- since the last post on this blog in September, we've played at Orem High, a bonfire (with a band called Pink Noise), and a bake sale.  We were going to play a pack meeting but it didn't work out.  I'm joking.  No, I'm not.  Paige created a photojournalistic essay out of us.  We were clay in her capable hands.  We played at The Parlor a couple times, which has easily the coolest proprietors of any pizza joint I've encountered yet.  We even played a Christmas medley at one of our shows there, starring Trevor as a very convincing Grinch.

ALSO: we recorded.  Thanks to Karl, there are four completed tracks currently burning a hole through our hard drives, just waiting for us to get the CDs pressed.  If we called it a "concept EP," we might be just tacking on a meaningless arbitrary modifier to ratchet up the pretension level . . . but then again we might not.  You puzzle it out as you listen to our, ahem, concept EP.

But where can you get your soft hands on a hard copy of said concept EP, you ask?  We're going to let the tension build just a bit longer before we draw back the curtain of enigmatic mystique.  But it will be soon.  And it will be at a dope venue.  And it will be a party.  And we will be the band playing at the party.  I mean it'll be our party.  Our concept EP release party.  And we want you to be there.  I'm giving you advance notice so you can start getting psyched out of your mind about it now.

Big things are afoot.  Bigfoot is a thing.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hiatus? What hiatus?

The hiatus is over.  Not that we were ever really on hiatus.  We've had a busy summer.  We played at Guru's, at Borders (twice), at FHE, at the park with Grassroots Shakespeare, and even at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival (billed as The Sweet Potatoes-- it's a long story).  We've written new songs.  Been new places.  Made new friends.

But this blog was on hiatus.  And really, isn't it a shame that such word-dependent men as the CasaFrankers should let their blog lie dormant so long?  Don't you just need more than 140 characters from us once in a while?  Come on, tell me you do.  Mom?

Okay, you don't.  But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words (which, if we take 4.5 characters/word as an average in English, comes out to about 45,000 characters, or 322 tweets).  Does that mean a moving picture is worth, I dunno, ten thousand words (450,000 characters or 3215 tweets)?  How about a moving picture with sound?  I mean can we just round up to infinity words at this point?  I don't even want to calculate how many tweets that would be.

The point is this:  Maybe you've never seen our youtube videos.  Maybe you have.  Sure, they're a far cry from the visceral immediacy of your physical presence at a CF show, but they might get you through your lunch break at work.  Here they are, from most recent to most ancient.  Enjoy.

Borders, August 2010:

Guru's, July 2010:

Virginia, Virginia:

Sammy's, June 2010:


Oh Gwen:

Let's Get it On:

Friday, July 30, 2010

Saturday, in the Park

I think it was the 31st of July.

with our friends Grassroots Shakespeare.
who are actually an acting troupe, not a band.
a really good acting troupe.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Acoustic Explosion.

Acoustic explosion actually happened last night at BYU.  I know because my friend Elise played in it.  But after she played in it, she came to THIS.  This happened.  The archaeopteryx skeleton pictured on the poster did indeed show up.  And so did a lot of our dearest friends.  More than we even expected, actually.  Duncan's mom even came.  Guru's said it was one of their more packed shows.  Thank you to everybody!  If you missed it, you can look at how much fun everyone was having by checking out these photos, courtesy of the beautiful and talented Laura Fox.  Hit up her blog.

Also, I'm never getting anything at Guru's besides the Bleu Cheese Quesadilla ever again.  It's AWESOME.

So last night was a new page in Casanova Frankenstein's still-relatively-brief book of life, for a number of reasons:

1) Trevor Goss played with us.  I know some of you are still reeling from the addition of Layton Shumway before the show at Kristi and Marcilyn's house.  Well, Layton's still here, and so is Trevor, auxiliary percussionist extraordinaire.  Seriously, you should see what this guy can do with a tambourine, triangle, and congas. 

2) New songs!  We debuted three new ones, called Eve, Twin, and Virginia, Virginia.  Don't believe me?  Well, Chase Troutner snagged a video of one with his brand new iPhone 4.  (He also said he hasn't had the reception problems everyone's whining about.  If that's any comfort to you.) 

Meet "Virginia, Virginia."

And if you like that, come hear us play at Borders on 23 July.  Details forthcoming.  Details about our gardening philosophy, I mean.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


means "thank you" in Latvian, which is what we'd like to say to everyone who came out to see us and The Brocks on Friday, and especially to Kristine and Eleanor and Ann  (and their neighbors) for letting us use their gorgeous front yard as the ideal setting for our gorgeous crowd to watch us in.

Didn't you guys dig The Brocks?  For my money, Dane and Grant Brock are two of the most talented songsmiths in Provo. Expect good things from them.  They've got a lot of songs on the internet.  Czech them out!

Also, don't you love their logo?  Futura, right?  Clean and timeless.

Speaking of great design, Lizzy Bean was there on Friday taking photos of us, in case you didn't notice.  We'll get some of them up here on the blog as soon as she edits them to make us look handsome.  She's brilliant.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself.

Last (best) piece of news, in case you didn't notice:  

there is a new Casanova Frankensteiner!  

His name is Layton Shumway and he was there on Friday making us look and sound like $1,000,000.01.  Maybe in the future we'll publish a Profile of Layton on here.  Stay tuned!