Saturday, February 26, 2011

4 tracks. 14 minutes. 1 concept.

"Hey, long time no see.  How've you been?  Good good.  Ah, yeah, design jobs, cool.  I know, well, the market's really tough right now.  Me?  Yeah, good, you know, same old same old.  Oh, my band just finished recording an EP."

This is an actual conversation I can have now.  And do, pretty regularly.

Of course the story is more intricate than that-- since the last post on this blog in September, we've played at Orem High, a bonfire (with a band called Pink Noise), and a bake sale.  We were going to play a pack meeting but it didn't work out.  I'm joking.  No, I'm not.  Paige created a photojournalistic essay out of us.  We were clay in her capable hands.  We played at The Parlor a couple times, which has easily the coolest proprietors of any pizza joint I've encountered yet.  We even played a Christmas medley at one of our shows there, starring Trevor as a very convincing Grinch.

ALSO: we recorded.  Thanks to Karl, there are four completed tracks currently burning a hole through our hard drives, just waiting for us to get the CDs pressed.  If we called it a "concept EP," we might be just tacking on a meaningless arbitrary modifier to ratchet up the pretension level . . . but then again we might not.  You puzzle it out as you listen to our, ahem, concept EP.

But where can you get your soft hands on a hard copy of said concept EP, you ask?  We're going to let the tension build just a bit longer before we draw back the curtain of enigmatic mystique.  But it will be soon.  And it will be at a dope venue.  And it will be a party.  And we will be the band playing at the party.  I mean it'll be our party.  Our concept EP release party.  And we want you to be there.  I'm giving you advance notice so you can start getting psyched out of your mind about it now.

Big things are afoot.  Bigfoot is a thing.  Stay tuned.