Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hiatus? What hiatus?

The hiatus is over.  Not that we were ever really on hiatus.  We've had a busy summer.  We played at Guru's, at Borders (twice), at FHE, at the park with Grassroots Shakespeare, and even at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival (billed as The Sweet Potatoes-- it's a long story).  We've written new songs.  Been new places.  Made new friends.

But this blog was on hiatus.  And really, isn't it a shame that such word-dependent men as the CasaFrankers should let their blog lie dormant so long?  Don't you just need more than 140 characters from us once in a while?  Come on, tell me you do.  Mom?

Okay, you don't.  But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words (which, if we take 4.5 characters/word as an average in English, comes out to about 45,000 characters, or 322 tweets).  Does that mean a moving picture is worth, I dunno, ten thousand words (450,000 characters or 3215 tweets)?  How about a moving picture with sound?  I mean can we just round up to infinity words at this point?  I don't even want to calculate how many tweets that would be.

The point is this:  Maybe you've never seen our youtube videos.  Maybe you have.  Sure, they're a far cry from the visceral immediacy of your physical presence at a CF show, but they might get you through your lunch break at work.  Here they are, from most recent to most ancient.  Enjoy.

Borders, August 2010:

Guru's, July 2010:

Virginia, Virginia:

Sammy's, June 2010:


Oh Gwen:

Let's Get it On: